Rogue Element Arsenal for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Rogue Element Arsenal for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Rogue Element Arsenal for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Add one other Rogue Element to your renders, with the Arsenal set. Because no warmonger can be full with out them!

This set will add to the roster a Polearm, Dual Glaives and a Shield. All created to go seamlessly with the Rogue Element Outfit. Two of the weapons characteristic a roaring lion with glowing eyes, whereas the opposite the diamond formed jewels featured on the outfit, with twisted .

This set can also be very similar to the primary, in that it’s kitbashable. The Polearm additionally turns into a Spear, and the Dual Glaive is usually a Single Glaive (aka a Short Sword) through fashion morphs which are included.

The supplies included additionally match those in the primary set, and have been added to the hierarchical supplies of the primary set, to provide you one big set that every one performs properly collectively. Atop of that, this set can also be combine and match, so you may load no matter coloration combos you want. In complete, with the primary set… thats over 800 supplies at your disposal.

Enjoy new bonus supplies for the weapons, solely within the Genesis 8 Female model of the set! Includes new full Cirrus Material set, with worn and glossy choices in addition to combine and match, and likewise particular Alloy metallic supplies!

Poses add much more enjoyable! There are 30 included poses. 10 are for the Polearm in Spear mode and the Shield collectively, 10 are for Dual-Wielded Glaives and 10 are for the Polearm by itself. But these poses are difficult, as they not solely management the weapons, but in addition the hair and loin fabric of the primary set as nicely, which can give correct dynamic motion with every pose. With the poses which are included in the primary set, this offers you a whopping 40 poses, all advised, to play with.



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