Forest TreeHouse Iray Worlds

Forest TreeHouse Iray Worlds

Forest TreeHouse Iray Worlds

Forest TreeHouse [Hideaway] is a full set that features a detailed TreeHouse and supporting tree

It features a full and versatile setting with additional timber, vegetation, a sculptured terrain with a water pond and internal and outer horizons, it additionally consists of an invisible lighting sphere and a tube gentle, plus night time lighting.

You shouldn’t have to purchase something additional, every of the Forest TreeHouse photos proven makes use of solely whats obtainable on this Forest TreeHouse bundle.

You can use it as a complete standalone because it has 20 preset scenes that features two template scenes plus 35 completely different scene objects so you may construct your personal scenes and types, it additionally consists of three forms of floor textures with mutiple tiling choices and a alternative of plain or stained home windows for elements of the TreeHouse.

However for those who personal or purchase the unique Iray Worlds Skydome, Iray SkyDome Super PAK or Iray Worlds PLUS then you’ll have entry to much more vegetation, timber and different goodies.

It comes with a scaleable set of horizons that increase very excessive, these act like a half dome that lets the sunshine and solar comes from the DS Iray physics renderer.

This means that you can use the DS Iray Renderer to set world positions, occasions of the day and rather more. PLUS you too can simply arrange completely different views by merely double clicking on one of many eleven completely different digital camera views.



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