Captain Nemos Hunting Grounds

Captain Nemos Hunting Grounds

Captain Nemos Hunting Grounds

Captain Nemo´s Hunting Grounds is common building package for making all type of underwater surroundings units. It consists of a number of environmental props, large number of caustic lights, morphable sea ground terrain, ocean floor with waves. There are additionally a number of rocks and seaweed props included or bubble streams. As type of attention-grabbing bonus could also be a number of common supplies which may help you remodel any ship or submarine prop right into a wreckage submerged for years and even centuries to ocean ground. It is a really versatile and complicated merchandise, appropriate for nearly any type of venture oriented bellow water floor. You might use it for historic initiatives, pirate fantasy, previous current or future battle scenes, journey, sci-fi and futurustic imaginative and prescient and even for romantic scene of mermaids, sirens, misplaced sailors and so forth. Or you may simply take your poser individuals for some trip dive throughout extra informal initiatives… so benefit from the deep of the oceans!

What is included:
2 underwater environments props:
spheric and cylindric

morphing sea ground prop:
eight terrain morphs
5 corresponding textures
4000 x 4000 px
1 common generic sea ground materials

Ocean Surface from beneath
wave morph

three unverwater rock props
5 seaweed props
2 bubble stream props

5 common supplies for turning
any prop or determine right into a shipwreck
or submerged damage:
metallic, three picket, masonry

four mulilight underwater presets
1 caustic part gentle
1 bonus helmet gentle
for Deep Sea Diver product

High Resolution Textures appropriate for close-ups
Model is well scalable to suit any venture you want



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