Autumnal Fun Poses for Genesis 8 Female

Autumnal Fun Poses for Genesis 8 Female

Autumnal Fun Poses for Genesis 8 Female

Who can resist enjoying among the many falling leaves of fall? Let your Genesis 8 Female have a romp with these handcrafted 3D digital poses. Included within the set are 23 single stance poses, 17 wearable presets to load the leaf props from Orestes Studio’s Autumn Leaves onto the Genesis 8 Female mannequin (with little to no adjustment, these presets can be used on the Genesis 8 Male mannequin), and 23 hierarchical pose presets.

The hierarchical pose presets have been created to incorporate the info for all of the 16 leaf props from the Autumn Leaves set so that you just don’t must hunt and peck your means via the props to seek out the proper leaf for every preset. Use as many or as few of the leaf props as you want! With the “Load Them All” wearable preset, all 16 leaf props are parented to your character. Just disguise those you don’t wish to use. Everything falls properly into place.

As at all times, FeralFey poses are truth checked for weight, steadiness, and gravity to provide the most practical poses attainable.

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